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Album: Track 17 on The Wack Album
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One! Two!
One two, one-two-three-

We are a crowd and we are loud.
We're cheering as a group
At our favorite event.
We're gonna cheer cause we are here.
With all of us together,
We have nothing to fear.

Now all of the ladies say WOO (woo!)
And all of the fellas say CROWD (yeah!)
We're drinking beer and doing cheers.
Be [?] like us for millions of years.

We are all here, we're not at home.
As long as we're together, we can't be alone.

We are a crowd and we are loud.
We're cheering as a group at our favorite event.
We are not one, we are a ton.
There's safety in numbers, so now it is fun.

We are a crowd crowd crowd,
Yes we are a crowd.
And so we shout shout shout,
Because beer is allowed.
And there's no doubt doubt doubt
That we're helping out
Because without-out us there would be no crowd.

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