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Album: Track 5 on Deliver
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Mama's & Papa's - Twist And Shout
Shake it up, baby;
Now twist and shout.
Shake it, shake it up, baby;
Come on and work it on out .

You know you move real good, girl;
(Shake it up baby, now)
You know you move real fine.
(Twist and shout)

Come on and move a little closer;
(Shake it up baby, now)
Show the world that you're mine
(Now work it on out)

You know you got me goin'
(You know you got me goin')
Like I knew you would
You really really got me goin', yeah,
Just like I knew you could.
(Like I knew you could)

C'mon, baby, (c'mon baby)
Twist and shout (c'mon baby).
Shake it up baby;
(C'mon and) work it on out.

You know you move real good;
You know you move real fine.
C'mon and move a little closer, girl;
And let 'em know you're mine

You know you got me goin' girl,
Like I knew you would.
You really got me goin' yeah,
Like I knew you could

Like I knew you would.
Shake it up, baby;
Shake it, baby, c'mon
Move a little closer

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