The Mentors Clap Queen Lyrics

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Length: 5:37

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Clap, cla-a-a-a-p queen
Sick, sick and obscene
Clap, clap, clap, clap queen
She's a ***** that craved less

Now she's copped a kinky mess
She just could not wait
So she stooped and ate his bait...
Clap queen, you are obscene

You are the clap queen
I'm a stud that doesn't care
But this time there's acne down there
Usually I will **** a lot of whores

But it's time to run when you their sores
Clap queen, clap queen
You made the scene so obscene
Cla-a-a-a-p queen

She humped a grocer and got V.D.
Now she will hurt when she takes a fee
She may ***** and she may cuss
But her twat hole twitches with pus

She has got a five-finger hole
Now she wants to get on my pole
Maybe if I strap on a dildo
She'll think I want to gross her so...but no

You are my clap queen
Sick, sick and obscene
Kinky and stinky, cla-a-a-a-p queen
You are the clap queen