The Mentors - My Erection Is Over Lyrics

Artist: The Mentors Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on You Axed for It!
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My erection is over, my erection is over
I thought of you a few times
But baby, you don't make me spew
Not you, I can't spew thinkin' of you...yuk
Thinkin' of you...gross, thinkin' of you
I want me a chick with a fat ***
she's got to be a slut and be real crass
I don't want some cosmo model like you
you're unlike a magazine
I can throw it across the room when I'm through
My erection is over...yeah!
O-v-e-are, over
Get of my house
Get out, you're booted
Because my erection is over...get out!
I want me chick with a fat ***
It turns me on
I want me a sleazy slut
Who can give a tongue bath to my butt
My erection is's over, it's all over

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