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Album: Track 7 on Rock Bible
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standing outside of 7-11
with my hand out to the wind
see a custy pull in
and askin him again and again

can you spare some change to help out the poor
i'm out here panhandlin' and i'm feelin sore

i'm a panhandler
panhandlin out in the street
i'm a panhandler
can you help me out woman who's so sweet
buddy can you spare some change
i gotta get my mind rearranged

oh my throat is gettin dry
time keeps marchin by
i know i stink
hallelujah man i could sure use a drink

i do it out in the street
i'm a panhandler
layin on melrose street
i could really use a dime
i wont bother you again anytime

i got one bottle and i'm gettin up my urge
i'm ready to face the day
i drink away my money
and now i need some more bank

i'm a panhandler

good news
he gave me a dollar
i'm jonesin so hard now
i'm startin to hollar

come on do you wanna hear a joke
give me a quarter i am broke


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