The Methadones - Bottom Out Lyrics

Artist: The Methadones Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Ill at Ease
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Walking around with my mind in a daze.
I'm trying to get somehwere, I'm like a rat in a maze.
And it's just making me burnt out and frustrated.
The older I get the more I become jaded.

I'm stuck here at the shoulder of the road, wishing I knew where to go.
I feel like I'm falling apart all the time.
As I ponder all the pieces of advice, I realise the words won't suffice.
I'm on a dead end street, and I can't take it any longer-bottom out.

I feel like I'm going nowhere fast.
I'm searching for something meaningful, hoping it will last.
I'm getting more bitter by the minute.
As the days fly by, I wonder what the fuck is in it.

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