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Album: Track 10 on Ill at Ease
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I ask myself honestly to evaluate what I see.
I have so many doubts about you that are eating at me.
You can talk all you want, but your justifcations absurd.
I will judge you from your actions, not your words.

I'm ill at ease coming undone at the seams.
I wonder if I should trust you at all.
Ill at ease, ill at ease looking for something to relieve me brace for the inevitable fall.

I really wanted to believe that everything was okay.
So when you'd do something fucked up I'd look the other way.
I got tired of riding the fence, it cost a bit of innocence.
But I have found it helps this state of disarray.

I'm ill at ease, ill at ease no one wants to say a thing to rock.
The boat or put your act in place. I'm ill at ease, ill at ease.
You just pulled a 180 degree from what you said the other day.

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