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Artist: The Methadones Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Not Economically Viable
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there's something
i'm trying to say
play what you want
and let the chips fall where they may

because i left you
feeling ?smart?
it gives me hope
and it keeps me alive
keeps me alive

and here's a
pop song for you
do what you want with it

i'll get my ?low income track?
and you'll be talking shit behind my back
'cause a rock song
is yesterday's news
for better or worse
it's who i am and what i do

and here's a
pop song for you
do what you'd like with it

it's not like your band deserves your big break
now everything, you say, is sour grapes
sold your records and guitar
but things had fallen through
music means a lot to me
it must not mean much to you

and here's a
pop song for you

some day you'll consider
and you move on

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