The Methadones - Whole Lot of Nothing Lyrics

Artist: The Methadones Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Ill at Ease
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i dont need a thrill a minute to be content anymore
the older i become i dont care if im occasionally bored
i used to think that some how i was missing out
if i wasnt where all the fun was

usually it was a whole lot of nothing
most the people were pretty lame
yet i would go along and luagh
when all the punch lines were all the same

there used to be a time when i couldnt sit without the tv on
kept trying to run away from something going wrong
kept my mind busy and ran myself into the ground
there were plenty things i was avoiding

usually it was a whole lot of nothing
yet it consumed my mind
wouldnt stop to catch my breath
i was to affraid of what i'd find

now i am for peace of mind so i left these empty things behind
because what i had was a whole lot of nothing
i believe we rip what we sow and the truth i got to know
was the sum of a whole lot of nothing

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