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The Midnight Beast

album: Track 7 in album The Midnight Beast
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The Midnight Beast The Midnight Beast cover art
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Not married but I wear a wedding ring on my hand
I go to sleep when I want, 'cause I don't have bedtime planned
Don't obey by the rules, sometimes I don't even care
If I'm out eating at a buffet I'll have more than my share

WHAT?! I'm a bad influence, don't hang around with me
I ride my bike on the pavement, wear my clothes in the shower
I'm straight up crazy
I've got a beard, I've got an afro, I've got eyebrows that rock, so
If you want to out-quirky us than take your best shot

I don't sing in tune, why?
Cuz I'm quirky
Backwards lyrics my of all rap I
Cuz I'm quirky
I sip my Coffee through a straw bitch
Cuz I'm quirky
N' I'll still rock a cap when I'm thirty... WHY?!
Cuz I'm quirky

The other day, I had a piece of toast
But I didn't even butter it, it tasted gross
I DON'T CARE, what I do... I'm a real live wire
I hold a match 'til it burns... I'm playing with fire

FUCK vegetables, I don't eat none of that shit
FUCK education, I don't study one little bit

I wear red and pink, why?
Cuz I'm quirky
I greet you with a goodbye
Cuz I'm quirky
I have eleven beers a day, why?
Cuz I'm quir-
No, no that just makes you an alcoholic...
N' I'll still have a beard when I'm thirty... WHY?!
Cuz I'm quirky

Ripping a hole in your jeans
Owning a pink limousine
Learning to ride a unicycle whilst your dressed as the queen
Fighting a bear with one hand
Getting a full-body tan
Joining a post-apocalyptic-gothic hardcore band

I like Home Alone 3
Cuz I'm quirky,
I'm drinking peppermint tea,
Cuz I'm quirky,
I got a picture of the hoff, see?
Cuz I'm quirky,
N' I'll still rock a cap when I'm thirty... WHY?!
Cuz I'm quirky

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