The Midway State - Never Again Lyrics

Artist: The Midway State Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Holes
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The look in your eyes has stayed inside me
In my head
Outside its snowing its odd for this time of year
Your light through the darkness
Getting smaller oh I fear

Love love pulled us down in the gutter
Can you see us getting out oh i wonder
It’s a long long lonely fight down inside me
Can I get you to bring back light or is this never again

Hey you’re my weakness
Still my lover in my mind
And you still control me
Summer I put you so high
Hey did you forget you could never get enough
Well I’ll always love you
No matter how far you run


There is a lover down inside all of our gates that we cant protect forever cause
He’s sucking at the air from our lips
I felt him tremble when I first picked you up driving honey
We drove for hours I remember when I first let him kiss
You and your mouth the taste of love if filled me up to the tips

I couldn’t sleep for weeks
fevered at one hundred and six
you surround me like a blanket in my bed


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