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Artist: The Muffs Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Really Really Happy
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I'm sort of afraid of the dark
Maybe it just isn't me
Appearing to take over maybe I'm crazy
I can't think of why but I think I could cry
Because something
Something inside me has died
So long ago and it just came a long
I thought I could do me some harm
Then I lost a little and learned that I didn't know
I had the something that I felt so little of
Something, there's something inside of me
Maybe you see it who cares
About me it's all about me
I know that I'm here if I dare
But I think I'm still mighty scared
I'm holding on trying to feel my whole life
And I know that I can if I think that I am really something
There's something inside of me
There's something inside of me
There's something inside of me

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