The Murder City Devils - Fields of Fire Lyrics

Artist: The Murder City Devils Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on In Name and Blood
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Oh lord, don't set my fields on fire
Oh god, don't kindle your wrath against me
Against me
I know you feast on fire
I got a wife; i got a family in those fields
I believe in my mother's religion
And i will, and i will change
We go to church, we go to church on Sunday
And we're back drinking, drinking on Monday
We got by in the past.
But what about tomorrow
Oh lord i got a life in those fields
Don't set my fields
Don't set my fields on fire
With my anointing waits,
It waits in those fields
And if it was true yesterday
Then it's true today
Oh lord, don't set my fields on fire
Oh god, give me one more day

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