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I tried to be someone
I liked to be someone else... For you
If I had done something
A little bit differently
We would of moved in a better direction
Than this, baby

If you were human
If you were who I assumed you were
You wouldn't have done this
I thought I did something
But she would do anything
To bring me down
She brought me down

Say that you love me
But you act like you don't
You use to adore me
Laughed at all my jokes
Don't take this the wrong way
You put me in harms way
When we had our first kiss it was your favorite thing
You went and lied and said all those things
Don't take this the wrong way
You put me in harms way
Imagine our children
Fuck would they be
Mommy the psycho
Daddy living the dream
Don't take this the wrong way

I told you I'm sorry
I can't thanks you enough
I thought I loved you but
We weren't in love
We weren't in love

You were my dream
We were fucked
You like to think
Push threw the back
You ignored all the problems to just hold what we had
Don't take this the wrong way
Don't take this the wrong way

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