The Number Twelve Looks Like You - The Proud Parents Convention Held in the ER Lyrics

Artist: The Number Twelve Looks Like You Lyrics
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even know chalk from cheese hold that breath everyone the cow's finally
being milked for what it's worth drizzle that nipple run till some sense leaks
out Class you won't succeed in life you boys will grow to rape and you girls
will grow up getting off being raped Class dismissed homework for this
evening is experiment the bodies intake of poisonous cleaning products a
golden star for the ones send to the ER Good day my l's were dotted and
T's were crossed more than enough time to make such words as inconsiderate
and illegitimate Stop while I was stretching I was being sent up to the stage
holding that hairy rat feeling ridiculous hold 'em high hold 'em tight show them
what you are worth snappin out of dreaming that dose of reality was no
figure of speech Clearing my passage here it goes holding that hairy rat
hostage for the need of love is at it's all time high you don't have a leg to
stand on so listen to reason otherwise accumulation of the butchery will be
very overwhelming to all justifiable to me.

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