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Artist: The Organ Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Grab That Gun
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see the people sitting over there

i want to kiss and touch them everywhere

oh no, not because i really care

oh god, no , no, i wouldn’t dare

love, love

i’d really like a small part of it

oh love

i cant believe the word love

he’s had love in damp alleys

in city hall, in city libraries

we smoked it underneath the playground


why did i try ?

oh love

we cry so very much about it

oh love

obsessing in the night about it

oh love

i’d really like a small part of it

oh love, love , love

okay , that’s enough of that

okay, okay now that’s enough of that

i’m getting very tired of the facts

i’m getting very tired of the fact that

i must be right

oh, it must be right

that’s why i,m cold and alone again

that’s why i’m all on my own again

that’s why i’m throwing things around my

home again

that’s why

i’m looking for love

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