The Perishers - What We Once Had Lyrics

Artist: The Perishers Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on From Nothing to One
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Don´t care ´bout what I said
Just care ´bout what I´ve done
`though lots of trust is gone
You´re still the only on
Don´t dare to hope for much
I´m doing the best I can
I take it as it comes when it comes

It´s like you and I don´t even try to get along
Like the two of us together are wrong
It´s like you and I can´t let the good make up for the bad
Guess we can´t go back to what we once had

Don´t care ´bout what I said
Just care ´bout what I´ve done
Though years have come and gone
You know you´re still the one
I love what´s left of you
and miss what now is gone
Guess the only thing we´ve done is moved on

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