The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Choke Lyrics

Artist: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Look into my eyes
I am the one who you despise
Cause I exposed your lies
And it's my turn to watch you burn (to watch you burn)

I hope you choke
On the letters that you wrote
Telling me that you will be here 'til the end
You'll never see
A different side to me
A side that you just did not ever understand

Sing it like last time
With every line
Ends with a rhyme
You'll get great reviews
But I refuse to be reused (to be reused)


I hope you choke (on the messages you wrote)
I hope you choke (on the promises you broke)
I know you'll choke (on the messages you wrote)
I know you'll choke (I hope you'll choke)
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