The Rembrandts - Drowning in Your Tears Lyrics

Artist: The Rembrandts Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on L.P.
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I see more with my eyes closed, then you'll know, before the day is new
No matter what your lips say-you're a window, which I am looking through
I'm waitin' for the band to play, a song to carry me away

I'm drowning in your tears-do you revel in this pain?
I'm drowning in your tears, they roll down your face like fallin' rain

Now is this all that I live for, or is there a door, which I have not been through?
Can we go on believin', there's a reason, to hold on like we do
Now what else is there I can say, to make your heartache go away?


Forever you'll be a part of me, as sure as the air, is ours to breathe
I'm hoping that we will find a way, for us to walk on, our separate way
I'm waiting for the band to play, a song to carry me away

[Chorus: x2]

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