The SCABS - Better Off Without Me Lyrics

Artist: The SCABS Lyrics
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Album: Track 22 on Live Dog
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We shared a good laugh
We shared a tear or two
And they can't take that away
We shared the good times
We shared the bad times too
I know you want me to stay oh yeah!
(CHORUS) What can I say when the feeling's gone away
And I know that you will be better off without me
I just can't explain, it would only bring you pain
And I know that you'll be better off without me
Forget it honey, I wasn't all that true
Overnights stands, I had a few I didn't tell you,
I didn't want to make you blue
Scared as hell to face the truth oh yeah!
We could've made it
You know just me and you
But it makes me feel so safe
Like birds of passage
They go their own way too
That's exactly what I have to do
I couldn't tell you why
But you know our love died
It's time to say goodbye
I'd like to go in style

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