The Sins of Thy Beloved - A Tormented Soul Lyrics

Artist: The Sins of Thy Beloved Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Perpetual Desolation
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My own little world i hide away
i feel no pain i hide away
never to talk
and never to walk no more

This is my fate this is my choise
i have ruined your life
never to talk
and never to walk no more

I've played like a fool
this is my life
i take it all back
never to talk
and never to walk no more

I vanish through the night
i travel throught my life
i am sinking in the earth
never to talk and never to walk no more
in the shadows of a tormented soul
there conceals a murky threshold
eldritch phantasm reveals
the yearning for infinitude invades

My beloved tremble in fear
my detest against thee who's a plaguer

Finally there is peace in thine soul
my resurge will reveal ye fate
in the misty twilight i appear
invisible i conquer

Solely i fade with the winter
solely i reveal my secrets
infinitude i conceal in thy phantasm
infinitude my phantasm is of thee
in my grandeur i proceed my voyage
in my grandeur my resurge is of thee
my resurge will sway throught dimentions
my resurge will reflect thine demeanour

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