The Snake the Cross the Crown Floating In & Out Lyrics

Artist: The Snake the Cross the Crown
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A menagerie of green is sleeping silently at ease
If the wind hummed both our mothers' favorite hymnal song.
And though I felt indignant 'bout the cause of the events,
It was apparent very early I was no the cause.
Oh fee and fie, oh foe, and then fum,
There is a giant looming over us.
While she wants what she wants.
Just summer seeds planted in recklessness.

So very very lightly on the strings of what we are,
There is a hollow yellow yelling at the stars tonight.
While feuding fading fury sunk in deeply to the bone
As if they'd tried to figure out what they would like to try.
While you and I and everyone else,
We have no clue what we are doing here.
But we want what we want
And never thought that we could want too much.

And though I speak,
These words do not mean,
That I have ever really had an understanding.
Or can I try,
To do what I like,
And hope that there is nothing gained from this pretending.
So I am born,
From now till I'm gone,
When I leave I won't be waiting on forever.
All my life I've done what I liked,
Though there are times that I have wanted to be better.

(I shall be,
All that I can see,
Floating in and out,
Of this life.)

(But I have found,
These words do not resound,
But float among our sleeping eyelids.)

(When night descends,
And lays me in my bed,
I'll turn to face the silence morning.)

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