The Snake the Cross the Crown Same as It Ever Was Lyrics

Artist: The Snake the Cross the Crown
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Length: 4:21

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you try to but you can't swallow the truth you just choke on the fact that you can't stomach this and why should you try when you're paying ten fold for the sins you've commited against this relationship What is so hard about this why aren't we holding
on to the better part that we can't get back to why is trust so hard to build what is this plateful of guilt we've served each other for nights on end take all the small talk we've had ever night forget everything that we've said cause thats not what I w
anted to say I'm hiding how I really feel we run off what we can't get enough of we choose to make it painless full of what changes why we hide the fact that we've skewed this image that we've both invented of love and why it's so hard for us

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