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Album: Track 8 on Mighty Love
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Once there was a boy and girl
Boy said "I love you so"
Girl said "I'll never leave you"
They grew older and left each other
`Cause that's the way love goes
That's the way love goes
Then there's a time
Seems like you'll never find
Someone willing to love you
Keep on lookin', you'll soon discover

A mighty love
Will sometimes make you weep and moan
A mighty love
You'll sit all day by the telephone
`Cause you're all alone
You need a mighty love

Some say that you're sure to find
True love and peace of mind
At the end of a rainbow
There's no sign in the sky to follow
`Cause that's the way love goes
Baby, that's the way love goes
And so there's a rhyme
That says life will soon be fine
Love is just what you make it
Keep on lovin', you'll soon discover

A mighty love
Will sometimes make a weak man strong
A mighty love
Will sometimes make a rich man weep
And knock him off his feet
To have a mighty love

Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty,
mighty, mighty love jones
Comin' down on me baby yeah
Hey, hey
I can feel the world getting' brighter
Brighter with your lovin'
You see baby
With a mighty love you can
Sometimes turn the world around
With a mighty love you can, you can
Turn the world around sometimes,
Yes you can, uh
Hey baby
Makes music have a ha-ha-happy sound
Makes you move, makes you groove
You got the feelin' head is reelin'
Come on
Ha ha
I gon' gon' gon' gon' get your lovin'

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