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Album: Track 12 on First Impressions of Earth
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I think I know what you mean but watch what you say
'cause they'll be try to knock you down in some way
Sometimes it feels like the world is falling asleep
How do you wake someone up from inside a dream?

You never wondered and searched for this place in the night
You gotta follow this field like following light
But such a music was born and brought you round
And I'll take you right there but it's meaning direction
I'll trip you up

You said that you smiled
It not in your eyes
Your eyeballs won?t change
It's the muscles around your eyes

An egg to fertilize
A pulse to stabilize
A body to deodorize
A life to scrutinize
A child to criticize
We live just to modernize
Instead of being terrorize
Generations to desensi?

You're dreams are sweet and obsessed
And you're overworked
You've over taken my visions of being overlooked
I'm disappointed with the idea P-P-B
To see such our power in our hands all wasted on greed
In my head
There's not two instincts
I don't like that chances
Thus free and detached
Bullshit they don't!

She said that music was born
And a touch from your heart
Easy free time to free months
Are from falling apart

Night after night
You turn off the light
You don't fall asleep
Right away
Only, only then

A desk to organize
A product to advertise
A market to monopolize
Movie stars you idolize
News to scandalize
Enemies to neutralize
No time to apologize
Shot them to tranquilize
Weapons to synchronize
Cities to vapor-i

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