The Strokes - Life Is Simple in the Moonlight Lyrics

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Album: Track 10 on Angles
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Animals will take these things about some pain that they once felt
There's no one that I disapprove of more or root for more than myself
I wanted to pretend that it was better, better, better on the phone
I didn't wanna tell you I was jealous, jealous, jealous and alone

So we talked about ourselves in hell
To forget the love we never felt
Are we all jokes, then what's the world?
It matters too
Don't try to stop us, don't try to stop us, don't try to stop us
Get out of the way

Got to get to climb your tree in the light of the living ghost I see
She sees her father in the poor man's eyes
It's crippling he says lullabys
Animals on TV singing about something they felt at some point
I wanted to tell you it was better, better, better
But what's the point?

As I watched the veil
With dreams so clear
And the door was closed
For forty years
Cause we hide what we don't wanna hear
As we hide our dream here, here

He is coming from a part of hell
Well why then do I not go down well
We can tell it well
I'm barely up
It's a picture man, we dig as well
Making fools out of the best of us
Making robots of the rest of us
And the tale to tell in America today
Where's our time just look
Don't try to stop us, don't try to stop us, don't try to stop it
Get out of the way

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