The Temptations - Farewell My Love Lyrics

Writer(s) : Gordy Jr, Berry
Artist: The Temptations Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Meet The Temptations
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Farewell, my love.
Farewell, my love.

I love you more than anything.
No one knows the good you bring
Eddie: to me.

But I've got to set you free. (Boo oh)
I've just got to set you free. (Boo oh)

Aw, goodbye, (goodbye) my love. (My love)
I'm gonna cry, (gonna cry) my love. (My love)

The vow of love you broken.
The law of love has spoken
to you.

Oh, why couldn't you be true? (Why couldn't you be true?)
Why couldn't you be true? (Why couldn't you be true?)

So long, baby.
You know, it's so hard
It's really hard to find someone in this wide world, who's really true.
I guess it's just meant for me to be unhappy.
But I believe, I really do believe that somewhere someone is waiting for me.

Aw, she's there, (she's there) my love. (My love)
Somewhere, (somewhere) my love. (My love)

Someone who cares.
And still be there
Eddie: with me.

Oh, my darling can't you see? (Boo oh)
How wonderful it would be, yeah. (Boo oh)

Farewell, to you.
Farewell, my love.
We're through.

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