The Temptations - Mother Nature Lyrics

Artist: The Temptations Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on All Directions
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Go on and take your course
And a-take me with you
Hey, I wanna leave here, oh

Mother Nature
Take the chains off me
As long as I'm livin', livin'
Hey, I wanna be free, hey

Come on and let your sweet wine
Rush to my head
And make me feel fine

Let me stand naked in the sun
Hiding from no one
Hey, hey, hey

Mother Nature
Come on and do your thing
I want to start feeling, hey
All those good things you can bring
Hey, hey

Day in, day out I learn to find
Leaves me half alive
And I'm going nowhere
I can't live in this classic world
It's killing me
Can't you see
You're the only one to turn to

Mother Nature
Go on and take your course
But take me with you, with you
Hey, I wanna leave here

Mother, I wanna leave here
Oh, Mother

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