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Album: Track 1 on The Body, the Blood, the Machine
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God reached his hand down from the sky
He flooded the land, when he set it afire

He said, "Fear me again, know I'm your father,
Remember that no one can breathe underwater."

So bend your knees and bow your heads
Save your babies, here's your future...


God reached his hand down from the sky
God asked Noah if he wanted to die
He said, "No Sir, oh, no Sir!"
God said, "Here's your future.
It's gonna rain..."

So we packing our things
We're building a boat
We're gonna create the new master race
'Cause we're so pure, oh Lord we're so pure!!!

So here's your future...

God told his son, "It's time to come home.
I promise you won't have to die all alone.
I need you to pay for the sins I create."
Son said, "I will, but Dad, I'm afraid!!!"

So here's your future...
So here's your future...
So here's your future.

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