The Twilight Singers Last Temptation Lyrics

Artist: The Twilight Singers
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Length: 3:26

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Everytime I think of you
I get the same old sinking feeling
I think of a garden, so still
I think of a cross upon a hill
And I think you know what I'm sayin'

So as these chords descend
So I shall follow them
They holler "catch me if you can"
They holler "catch me, holler "catch me"

Baby, I'm goin' down
Get yer hands up off me, girl
I think I know my way around by now
They come to the party
One by one
Until it's done, until it's done

My enemy
You must think you have the best of me
But you must know me to be vain
To leave this undone would be such a shame
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