The Twilight Singers Never Seen No Devil Lyrics

Artist: The Twilight Singers
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Length: 3:00

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Hush now, baby
Soon I'll see you in my dreams
Asking nuthin'
Nuthin's ever what it seems

Baby wants the milk and honey
Ask me and you shall receive
Never seen no devil wear his heart upon his sleeve

Down the corner
Where the streets have turned to sand
If you
Do unto others
You will die by your own hand

Baby pulls me even closer
Tangled like the web she weaves
Shaking off her demons
Now they're coming after me

Don't mistake me
Ain't no ordinary man
Gonna save me
From the shotgun in your hand

Covering the walls in shadow
Faster than the sound of speed
Never seen no devil
Now it's all that I can see
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