The Twilight Singers - Railroad Lullaby Lyrics

Writer(s) : GREG DULLI
Artist: The Twilight Singers Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Twilight as Played by the Twilight Singers
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Do you remember when I told you
That I had a tale to tell?
Let me regale you, child
About a life spent on the rail

Forget me not, don't forget it
'Cause I'll be gone in a minute

And whenever the drugstore man
Used to come around
I'd bite my lip
And then I'd take myself to town

Forget me not, don't forget it
'Cause I'll be gone in a minute
Don't call me no more, no more
Nobody ever needs ya
When you're this far gone

Now you say the train's a'comin'
But I don't see it on the track
Last train's eleven
And it ain't comin' back

Forget me not

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