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this world is wicked
i fit right in
we've been waiting for ya boy
where ya been?
i don't need no one to love me
i don't need no one to fetch my water
come on get your money, child
it's a fine, fine day
i don't love you anymore, baby
snap my crooked fingers and you blow away
say you want someone to love you
say you want a faded memory
come a little closer, things ain't what they seem to be
believe, what you see
nothing else, in the dream
i can't breathe
i can't see
i feel a... yeah
i feel a...
this world is wicked, it's beautiful
better play both sides
they'll think you're an animal
come on get your money, baby
come on get your one time, one time
come on get your loving, girl
it's a fine, fine day
fine day...

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