The Vapors - Civic Hall Lyrics

Writer(s) : Fenton, David
Artist: The Vapors Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Magnets
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I heard someone calling me
From a car across the road
The lights were out I never heard the sound
Of the police car radio
So I went running down the lane
With my plastic bag
Not stopping once to look behind
But the long arm of the law
Put its foot to the floor
And they met me on the other side

And the said
What's going on here sonny
Hello hello
What's going on here sunbeam
We want to know
But they weren't convinced
No matter how hard I tried
And they pinned me up against the wall
And my home-made jam in my plastic bag
Lies broken by the civic hall

I closed my eyes to see the phoenix rise
Spread eagled up against the wall
And I walked tight lipped
From my sinking ship
Trying to keep the furnace cool
So I thought easy come easy go
Just play along
Until I got inside the car
But a stone age hand
Left my trust in man
Blown to pieces for the final time

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