The Wilkinsons - Nothing But Love (Standing in the Way) Lyrics

Artist: The Wilkinsons Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Nothing But Love
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(Steve Wilkinson/Gary Burr)
You'll never know how close we came
The word goodbye was almost spoken
Just one more thoughtless word
And I was ready to leave

Then the thought of how I'd feel
Waking up one day without you
I closed the door and turned around
You wouldn't believe it if you had seen it

There I was the note was even written
Seven pages it took all day
Where I was I'd made my decision
With nothing but love standing in the way

This is worth the empty cab
This is worth the bag unpacking
If only the lesson learned
I'm glad the go through this
Moment of truth, yeah

Nothing but the touch of your hand
Nothing but your kiss, I know
Didn't even have to think twice
Baby, how could I go

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