Thea Gilmore - Slow Journey Ii Lyrics

Writer(s) : THEA GILMORE
Artist: Thea Gilmore Lyrics
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Well I dreamt about you
About leaving without you
And going on a slow journey
Where no roads are marked and
A black dog is barking
Going on a slow journey
And the neon will light my face
Like a ghost girl
Like an empty space

In the trip and the trigger
This world's getting bigger
Going on a slow journey

Did you think you could hear me?
Or see me more clearly
Going on a slow journey
'Cause I've walked so long I
Know what trail I'm on
I'm going on a slow journey
And that old crow
Is gonna rise up soon
And peck out

The eyes of the moon
And I'm not gonna see those
Million souls in the shadows
Lost in the slow journey

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