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Artist: These Arms Are Snakes Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Tail Swallower & Dove
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They write the songs, and you sing the passages at night.
They hold the notes high, you keep them down so it's hard.
Do you cover them up so they can't hear them?
They can't hear because they don't believe them.
They don't believe it because they can't see it.
Do they cover their eyes?
I think you're in the right place,
The shawl over your face is so long.
Black and white tooth coat charms,
You placed along the bones of your arms.
Did you cover them up so they can't see them?
They can't see them if they don't believe them.
They don't believe them because they can't see them.
Do they cover their eyes?
Small lakes, they pour out of my lungs.
Down to feed tones in holes of depleted roots of the ground,
Dug by relics in tombs.
Altered and reborn from blight,
That was hidden from the eye.
My tongue cleanses shapes and encourages return.
I am full.
I am safe.
I am more empty than known.

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