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Artist: These Arms Are Snakes Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home
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The sun rose on the understory with a click of a switch
The sub canopy roared when the business sign read open in neon lights
Climbing viens up desk, stools, pygmies and bats
Timecards and paychecks
The apes howl when the push the buttons in their stomachs
Hands play cymbols after a wind of a gear
The beetles and the birds are all pollinating flowers grown in gardens of mansions
I am the primate that swings from the man-made apparatus
I am the vines that grow under flourescent lights from carpeted floors
Let me climb these painted walls and flourish in this man-made habitat
Electronic talking parrots eating toothpicks as a mating ritual
The beast prays on it's employees and eats on their summer's harvested fruit
The lion sleeps when it's antelope go home
I am the primate that swings from the man-made apparatus
I am the vines that grow under fluorescent lights from carpeted floors
Give me the sun before the night
Give me my wrong
I forfeit the right
Give me my kill and pay me well
Give me my pay, so I pay my bills
Hear this!
My life has become dry because of you
You stole all my love
You stole all my love, and I want it back
We are animals swinging too far towards distant vines
May your lips never touch your timecard again

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