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Artist: These Arms Are Snakes Lyrics
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Conceptive city
Soon to contract
and birth a child of its own rats
And I was waiting
I've been waiting
Long enough to take this town

And what was
found on the wall
was written
by a third grader
and it read
"I was found
like molten rats
in your city unkept.
In your city I wept."

Now this takes us
to well-groomed children
cross legged
groping at Braille
trying to read their creator's name.
In fervor and panic
wanting to go home
In minivan and good smells
In tandem with mom
tranquilized in defense.

All your mothers and fathers,
Your sisters and brothers
head to hills overlooking buildings of bank's
and telephone's operations.
It was then they saw the born purpose.
To excavate holes and reproduce.
To eat the sweeping of
its forefather's thoughtfulness.
To eat the bygones unwanted.
To spread disease in sects of three.
All in all there's nothing left.
All in all, there's nothing left.
Chicken feed left for your heirs.
Streets leaked with sewage for the mind.
And I was waiting, oh I've been waiting
long enough to take this town.
To take this town
All the way down
To take this town.

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