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Album: Track 11 on Slideshows
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Like snow falling through our minds
These words melt away with time
I remember when we made a pact
I remember when we took it back
Well I know
Love is like a kaleidoscope

With fire burning through my veins
I had a dream that we'd meet this day
I remember when it felt so true
I was sleeping there and losing you
Well I know
Love is like a kaleidoscope

All the colours
All the shapes again
Its so beautiful
I cant explain it
Perhaps you need a friend
girl do you need a friend?
You taught me how to love, live and be

Minutes now and you’re at my door
See your face and I’ll dream once more
Love never was a game or a fight
We'll make or break it all tonight
And I know
Love is like a kaleidoscope

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