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Artist: This Day Forward Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Kairos
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dried up the tears before they could be seen.
I've learned that concrete absorbs moisture,
cracks bring light, straight to the heart, dissolve feeling,
I am the crease in your wings, so try to fly away,
I am the crease in your wings, crippling,
disabling the call to flight, so try to fly away,
as far as you can, I dare you, distance makes no difference,
caught inside internal positions, I inhabit the heart,
and magnetize from within,
to soften the stone I'll become the parasite,
a halo of pride in your thoughts and words, test the noose,
words with wings I send out into the sky,
they fall short again, test the noose,
how can you look in the sky
and tell me that you're the center of it all,
once again, test the noose,
I saw your statue fall today, I felt you die.

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