Thom Yorke Black Swan Lyrics

Artist: Thom Yorke
Publishers: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 4:49

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What will grow crooked, you can't make straight
It's the price that you gotta pay
Do yourself a favor and pack you bags
Buy a ticket and get on the train
Buy a ticket and get on the train

Cause this is ****ed up, ****ed up
Cause this is ****ed up, ****ed up

People get crushed like biscuit crumbs
And laid down in the bitumen
You have tried your best to please everyone
But it just isn't happening
No, it just isn't happening

And it's ****ed up, ****ed up
And this is ****ed up, ****ed up
This your blind spot, blind spot
It should be obvious, but it's not.
But it isn't, but it isn't

You cannot kick start a dead horse
You just crush yourself and walk away
I don't care what the future holds
Cause I'm right here and I'm today
With your fingers you can touch me

I'm your black swan, black swan
But I made it to the top, made it to the top
This is ****ed up, ****ed up

You are ****ed up, ****ed up
This is ****ed up, ****ed up

Be your black swan, black swan
I'm for spare parts, broken up
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