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Album: Track 1 on Thompson Square
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A car's got gasoline to run, down the road
A crop's got rain, dirt and sun, to make 'em grow
A song's got rhyme, a clock's got time
You got me and baby

I got you
Yeah you're it, the missing piece that makes me fit
I got you, the breath I breathe, and there ain't nothing else I need
Baby I got you,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't need a big ole house, full of stuff
What my arms are wrapped around, that's enough
Your morning smile, your kiss goodnight
And everything's alright


When the right goes wrong
When I'm scared to death and got nothing left to lean on, 'cause

I got you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah I do
Baby I got you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you got me to


Yeah baby
I got you
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Baby I got you
Baby I got you

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