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Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Welcome to the Masquerade
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How did things all gets so crazy?
I'm remembering
Before, when I felt so clean

Alone in my room
It feels like the walls are closing in
I'm thinking of you
'Cause I know what will happen soon

I'm spinning, out of control
Not knowing which way to go
Feelin' left out in the cold
I just wont to let go of it all
And climb up over the wall
I need some help to get back on my feet
If you're out there, cover me

You thought you could come and take it all
Without hurting me
That was your biggest mistake
Should have known when you saw me break!
Alone in my room (I sit)
And pray the walls stop closin' in
And every breath I take's
A step further away from the end of me


I wanna get this off my mind
There's no one else I can tell...
Please listen to me...


In a world where confusion is only an illusion
And fear itself, is just another
Weak-minded solution
I live in a generation with too much information
Instead of bonding together
WE bring anger to the nation
My faith is the only thing I've got
And no one can take that from me

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