Three Dog Night - I Can't Get Enough of It Lyrics

Artist: Three Dog Night Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Naturally
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Well my doctor told me beware
I'm taking more than my share
Falling in love I can bear
Provided that loving affair
But he don't know about you
And all the things that you do
And how it breaks me in two
Just to know a man's with you
I can't get enough of it, oh
I can't get enough of it, oh
I can't ever let you go, oh
I feel like I need you so, oh
I can't get enough of it, oh
I can't get enough of it, oh
Yeah ''cause every time we're apart
I get a pain in my heart
And my mind's completely a mess
And I ain't getting no rest
I guess I'm failing the test
I guess you're getting the best
Of all the love I can give
''cause you're the reason I live
Chorus (2 times)
Repeat second verse

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