Throwdown - Accept the Change Lyrics

Artist: Throwdown Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on You Don't Have to Be Blood to Be Family
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spin, spin a year it's been a fucking year and you're not here. i spin around (and the faces change everyday). Another down, another day, RIGHT? So spin, spin that shit, spin it quick, where the fuck you at? Accept the change? No! From your reality - TO MY OWN. So keep your head in the game, don't wanna be another one year name. This one goes out to the kids, the kids that still remain. Another dawn, another day. I WON'T - (try to make it fit) I WON'T - (try to change your mind) I WON'T (if I thought I could) I WON'T - (I would have tried) Every day to the next. Day to day. Try and try... you can't stop the change. Move that floor and don't stop mothafucka. GO!

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