Thunder - Back Street Symphony Lyrics

Writer(s) : Morley, Luke
Artist: Thunder Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Back Street Symphony
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I was running late for a night downtown
Me and the boys gonna tie one down
So I took a short cut through an alleyway
And the sound just took my breath away

There she stood with just one guitar
Looking much too good to be in this bar
I tried to leave but my feet were lead
And the song she played just filled my head

'Cos when she sang out that melody
I heard a sound like a backstreet symphony
My senses sung my head was spun
As I walked through the door
I gotta hear some more
So I watched the show in a state of trance
Staying 'til the end waiting for a chance
To meet with her and make her mine
And keep her there 'til the end of time

When she unfolded that melody
I heard a sound like a backstreet symphony
My destiny had guided me through the bar room door
I gotta hear some more
I wanna hear some more

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