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Album: Track 5 on Woo!
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I took pictures of houses with the light on behind them
It reminded me of time I spent with you
It was beautiful
It was beautiful
It was beautiful, oh
Oh, to think of you
The unbreakable humming of the birds outside my window
Draw away all I used to ignore
It was so simple
It was so simple
It was so simple, oh
Oh, to be with you
Oh, come on say it plainly before words lose their meaning
Surround me and everyone that I love
I can feel things are changing
Summertime is slowly sinking
And I remember that I still believe
In purity
In purity
In purity, oh
Oh, I still believe
Will I ever wake from this dream
To untie all the ships saling away from me?
It will be beautiful
It will be beautiful
It will be beautiful, oh
Oh, to watch them leave
Oh yeah

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