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Album: Track 9 on Bone
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Everyone’s a victim
Noone is to blame
Find a bum to dump it on
This unwanted shame

When I point the finger
I’ve got three pointing back
Haven’t a clue
What you’ve been through
So it’s easy to attack

Everybody’s looking for their own way to get high
Find God
Shoot him up
Learn how to die
My head’s full of self-pity and noise
I need a clean me
I need a new voice

Go down
Down to the sea
Down to the ocean
She’s calling to me

Everybody’s famous
For a second or two
We could address the world’s distress
But the popstar's on too.

Feeling so damn lonely
Looking for a soul
Trying hard to cover up
The emptiness
The hole

What you’re calling culture
Is just arcades and malls
I can’t hear myself think
I can’t hear my heart sink

Here’s my diversion
A howl at the moon
The only time I feel alive is when I’m with you

Go down
Down to the sea
Down to the ocean
She’s calling to me
Gonna wash away my tears from your face

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