Tim Dog - Low Down Nigga Lyrics

Writer(s) : SMITH/BLAIR
Artist: Tim Dog Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Penicillin on Wax
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This means war, suckas ya got static
Tim Dog is back to put the wack in check
Rippin MCs, strippin MCs
Breakin em down to they **********in knees
I got loads a rhyme loads a time, goin for mine
And I'm even droppin dimes
Cause I have a quest for
To make wack MCs once who tried to get more
But how could you get more out
When you're just a **********in sell out
Come back get real learn ya trade
Rap is an art not a source to get paid
But you want to get bigger
You want to be a mack when you're a low down *****
So I'm gonna wax that ***
Takin ************s back to class
I'm Dog dissin wack *****z on wax
Whether you're old or new jacks
You can be a ***** with an attitude
But when I spank that *** you'll have gratitude
The Dog'll be smackin em up
Yeah, backin em up
Get up get down come and get yours
And if you're ready for a hardcore chore
Just come right down the 3rd lane
I got some **** for your brain
I'm unequvilble lyrical mysterical difficult
Hypethetical miracle
Alphabetical order sorter caught her
Brought her daughter you can't afforda
Rhyme like this cause you know you done missed
So when you need someone to follow after
Just come to the hardcore master
Damn flippin like pancakes
Stompin em out with my big Northlakes
You want to be bigger
But ya gotta be ya def, insteada low down *****z

*****z, *****z, *****z
Low down *****z
*****z, *****z, *****z
Low down *****z
*****z, *****z, *****z
Low down *****z
*****z, *****z, *****z
Low down *****z
*****z, *****z
Ya gotta be def insteada low down *****z

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